3-Day VIP Pass to Grandoozy 2018

Last week my wife, Cait Del Mar, and I attended the first ever Grandoozy Music Festival in Denver, Colorado. As much as we love listening to music, this was the first festival we’ve ever been to! Her partner at Visible provided us with a 3-day VIP pass to experience delicious local food and music from chart-topping artists.

Cait and I sat through well-established artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and 6lack, but we were most surprised by an indie band called Jade Bird. Who has a petite lead singer with a booming loud voice. They were so good we had to listen to her acoustic versions at the Visible tent.

Listen to our favorite songs “Uh Huh” and “Something American”.

“Tavernetta. Sounds like a place you go home still hungry.” - Cait

I can’t fathom the planning and preparation that goes into creating a music festival of this size. I know Grandoozy was created by the same people behind Coachella and Outside Lands but to be there and see it all come together is nothing short of amazing. From the music talent and venue location to the food, security and transportation. I stood there in awe. 

There was speculation that Grandoozy was going to flop according to the press and many Coloradans. It was a new festival but, more importantly, ran at the same time as Music Midtown in Atlanta. I’m sure there was a reason for the scheduling but I can’t see it. Nonetheless, Grandoozy was a big success with 55,000 total attendees when original estimates were less than half of that number.

“I’m so full of joy and happiness I could cry.” - Cait crying and walking past all the food trucks

A statue right outside of our hotel

Before Miguel came on stage.

Kendrick is on. I don’t need to calm down.

Bailey’s Irish Cream infused donut holes

In Denver, you’re a mile closer to the sun and it’s hard to breathe but Cait and I had a wonderful time. If you ever decide to visit, check out The Pig and The Sprout, a restaurant made just for us. Half of the menu is meat and the other half vegetarian. Bonus points if you visit the cannabis dispensary on the opposite corner!

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